HOUSTON -- It is the center of the gear head universe. The 2014 Houston Auto Show is underway.

You get the pitch, Over here at Cadillac we are really showing up, says the pitchman.

You get plenty of tech talk, It is 8 inches longer and 150 pounds lighter and we dropped a twin turbo V6 into this one, the pitch continues.

Whether it is the Motor Trend Car of the year the Cadillac CTS, or the self proclaimed Best in Texas.

Gives the truck an angular athletic and unstoppable appearance, says the Ford pitchman.

Ford is using this opportunity to unveil the completely redesigned Ford 150 Truck and they are here for good reason.

More trucks are sold in Texas than anywhere in the country and more Ford s are sold than any other truck.

The materials in the F-150 are all new including at least one you might not expect, high strength military grade aluminum alloy body.

Virtually everything you see on the outside of the truck except the bumpers is that aluminum alloy,

Think about all of the applications for aluminum where strength is as important as light weight, the pitch continues.

It is the weight that it key the new version is 700 pounds less than the old F-150, which means, We can reinvest in more towing, higher payload, and better fuel efficiency.

It is not just Ford, .virtually every major auto maker is here, from cars costing hundreds of thousands to the rugged every day Jeep.

Here we go guys. We ll see if we can t keep it under 2000 RPM s, says Steve Lorton from behind the wheel of the 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

At Camp Jeep you go along for the ride, over logs and boulders, even the big hill, 35 degrees and 18 feet up.

Jorge Pineda went along for the ride, Looking outside in I thought you were gonna fall. Even inside I thought you would fall, he said wide-eyed!

Plenty more to see and do.

The Houston Auto Show continues through Sunday.

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