HOUSTON A 22-year-old man accused of assaulting a 75-year-old Walmart greeter while trying to steal a big screen TV in the weeks before Christmas is now in custody, police said.

Rosito Bathan said it happened on Dec. 15 when a man and a woman pushing a cart with a 50-inch flat screen TV in it came out the entrance of the Dunvale Walmart .

I stop it and I go, Ma am can you please give me your receipt please. He told me. This is mine. That is Mine, Bathan said.

They kept right on going and that is when the man pushed him in the chest, Bathan said.

Get out of my way! He pushed me right down.Straight down. I hit the floor and I hit the shopping cart with my neck here, Bathan said.

The suspects fled, with the TV in the shopping cart, out into the parking lot where the sheriff deputy providing security at Walmart was able to take the female suspect,Ty-miah Craig,into custody, but Michael Craig got away.

The television was recovered.

A couple who witnessed the attack on Bathan also tried to stop the suspects but police said that Michael Craig attempted to steal that woman s purse and her boyfriend was able to stop that by hitting him with a belt.

Bathan had to go to the hospital, but was later released. He said he is still a little sore, but is returning to work this week because he says age or criminals can t stop him.

I have been working at that Walmart almost 16 years, Bathan said.

Michael Craig is now in jail charged with aggravated robbery.

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