HOUSTON-- A couple suspected of shoplifting has been arrested and charged with aggravated robbery after getting into a confrontation with security workers at Home Depot.

It happened on Oct. 22, 2013 at a store located in the 14000 block of the Northwest Freeway.

LaToya Daniels and Robert Myers are accused of hiding a radio, ratchet and power tools in their clothes before attempting to leave the store without paying, according to court documents.

When security tried to stop the pair, Myers fought back and allegedly bit the security worker s arm hard enough to break the skin. Daniels is also accused of trying to run the security worker over with her car, but he jumped out of the way in time.

Myers and Daniels were identified as suspects because Myers dropped his cell phone during the struggle and left it behind, according to court documents.

The property the pair is accused of concealing is valued at about $340.

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