UNIONCOUNTY, N.C. -- Authorities say additional charges may be filed against a Union County DSS worker accused of child abuse.

Deputies arrested DSS child protective services investigator Wanda Sue Larson after finding an 11-year-old under her guardianship handcuffed to her porch, shivering in the cold, with a dead chicken tied around his neck.

We're going back and looking at the interviews with the children. We want to put it in the perspective of what we already know was taking place, what information we've gathered from other people. We're going to evaluate that probably starting today and sometime this week we will make a decision if any more charges are coming, Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey said in regards to the ongoing investigation.

The Union County District Attorney is assisting the Sheriff's Office in investigating criminal allegations against Larson and her boyfriend, Dorian Harper. Additionally, the Sheriff's Office and District Attorney have requested the assistance of the State Bureau of Investigation, as they say the case transcends multiple jurisdictions .

The state is looking into all aspects of Harper's role at DSS.

Larson and Harper remain jailed.

Sheriff Cathey says all five children under Larson's care, four adopted and one the couple was granted guardianship, remain in foster care outside of Union County. Sheriff Cathey says the kids appear to be adjusting nicely and are functioning well in their new environment.

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