HOUSTON Dozens of people camped out at a southwest Houston car dealership overnight in hopes of leaving with a vehicle for as little as $1 the ultimate Black Friday deal!

Nearly 200 hopefuls were at Sterling McCall Toyota in the 9400 block of the Southwest Freeway waiting for salesmen to tell them what their choices were worth. Many got to the lot early, camping out and sleeping next to the their chosen vehicle, to have first dibs on the vehicle when the moment arrived.

One woman even wrote her name on the hood of a car for good luck. Out of the more than 300 hundred rides on the lot, only five would be sold for a dollar.

Reginald Anokwuru, who is 15 years old, guarded one vehicle that was almost as old as he is. He was on the verge of tears, while others cheered, when the salesman gave him the good news.

I was just happy. I could feel it. You just knew it, Like I just won the lotto, Reginald said.

But lightning struck the young man s family twice. His mother also got a car for $1. They said it was sheer luck!

While a lot of people were happy, others were very upset. Some customers began arguing after they claimed someone had taken their spot in line for a car and extra security had to be called in to calm the crowds.

And again, not everybody got a great deal. Many of the cars sold for the price they would have normally sold for outside of Black Friday.

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