HOUSTON -- Texans fans upset at the teams 2-9 record have started wearing paper bags over their head. Three friends are hoping to start a Sad Sack movement to catch the attention of the team s management.

Sunday, the three men, who don t want to be identified, wore the bags and brought a No Schaub sign to Reliant Stadium.

Everybody loved our outfits, said one of the friends. It took us an extra 20 minutes to get inside because everyone wanted to pose for pictures.

As the Texans were losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars, a security official came by.

He said he was going to have to escort us out for the sign, said the second friend.

In the end, the three brown baggers didn't have to leave, but their picture burned up social media and so did the comments.

Tana wrote on our Facebook page, They really make the REAL fans look bad.

So the three 30-something year olds came to Christians Tailgate in the Heights to prove they are not fair weather fans. They ve followed Houston football since the Oiler days. One of the friends had on his Oiler sneakers in almost pristine condition.

These are game day shoes, he said.

They have carried the Texans banner all over the world, including Australia for a two year work stint.

I woke up about 2:30 in the morning to start my work week with a Texans football game every single Sunday without missing one, he said. See how many of them watch the game at 2:30 on Monday morning.

What do other fans think about them hiding their faces?

Texans are pretty disappointing, said Kraig Junk. I kind of get it.

When the team starts winning, the three sad sacks promise to reveal their secret identities.

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