MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas Two dogs taken from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in broad daylight have been returned to the shelter by a Good Samaritan on Monday.

According to shelter officials, a man and a woman entered the facility and went to a secure area where strays are held. Minutes later, they walked away with the two dogs.

The incident was caught on the facility s security cameras.

Whoever the dog thieves were it appears they were looking for something specific pit bulls with gentle dispositions. This left the people who work at the shelter fearing the worst the possibility they could be used as bait for dogs being trained to fight.

They tape up their mouths and they do a lot of different things. They don t want a dog that s going to fight back, Minda Harris, shelter director, said.

One of the dogs that was stolen had been brought in with a yorkie.

They were really good friends. They slept together and would kiss on each other, Harris said.

Just as shelter officials thought this story would have a sad ending, something unexpected happened. A Good Samaritan tried to help a young girl who was walking the dogs, but they got away from her.

I went up there and got the dogs and when I got back she was gone, the Good Samaritan said.

When he later spotted their photos on Facebook, and realize they were stolen, he returned them to the shelter.

Now the unlikely pair that once roamed the streets together have been placed in the same home together.

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