HOUSTON The search is over for a 16-year-old boy kidnapped by human smugglers on Saturday in southeast Houston, police said.

Detectives with the Houston Police Department said they found the teen and he is safe; they are interviewing him at police headquarters.

Investigators said it all started when a family from Georgia came to pick up their teenage son Saturday morning from a coyote, or human smuggler.

The family apparently paid the group money to illegally bring the boy in from El Salvador, police said. When the family met with the smuggler, he demanded more money in exchange for their son.

The family told the smuggler that they did not have more money, and he took off with their teen, police said.

The father called police and told them the suspect's license plate number, police were able to track the vehicle to an address in the 7300 block of Ashburn.

Police surrounded the home and ordered the people inside to come out. Ten suspected undocumented immigrants exited the home and were taken in to custody.

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