HOUSTON Texans head coach Gary Kubiak said Friday that he should be good to go on Sunday, returning to his coaching duties against the Oakland Raiders.

However, there is a catch.

I might be in the press box, Kubiak said after practice on Friday. But, I think I am good to go, so we ll see. If that s what they want me to do, I ll do it. Whatever I can do to get out there and be a part of it.

The head coach said he feels good enough to come back.

I ve had a good week and they ve monitored me throughout the course of the week and that s something they talked about that they would like me to do, Kubiak said.

Kubiak hasn t coached from the press box since coming to Houston. He did coach from up top when he was with the Denver Broncos as offensive coordinator.

It s calm up there, it s quiet, Kubiak said. It s just a different way to look at the football game, but just to be back and be a part of it is what I m concerned about.

The players are happy he s back, no matter where he is inside Reliant Stadium.

He ll leave his mark on the game, left tackle Duane Brown said. I don t have much interaction with him during the game, but just having him around will mean a lot for us.

Whether it s certain offensive calls, whether to go for it or not, coach Kub is coach Kub, center Chris Myers said. Whether he s calling it from the sidelines or in the press box, he ll be the same guy.

But, there are some subtle differences not being down with the players and Kubiak is certainly trying to get adjusted to dealing with those possible issues.

You don t feel emotion up there like you do when you re on the field so you have to have guys help you with that, Kubiak said. You have to have guys help you with that, talk to you about stuff like that. It s just something I have to work through right now.

Wade Phillips will be on the sideline as usual and will carry the red challenge flag in case the Texans need to use it. Kubiak will decide when to throw it.

I ll be hollering throw it or don t throw it, but he ll have it, Kubiak said.

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