HOUSTON A Houston woman doesn t know where her iPhone is, but she s pretty sure she knows who has it.

That s because someone is using her stolen iPhone to take pictures, which are showing up on her computer.

Alnesa Horton said the thief was smart enough to turn off her phone tracker, but wasn t bright enough to cover his tracks entirely.

Horton believes she saw the man responsible prior to the crime at the Texaco gas station near Fannin and Webster.

I went to pay for my gas, and he walked around my vehicle. The passenger window was down a little bit, Horton said.

Horton said the man told her she had a nice car. She recalls not paying too much attention to him.

When Horton got back into her car a minute or two later, her phone was missing. It had been sitting on her driver s seat.

I thought, oh crap he stole my phone, said Horton. Horton was soon shocked to find photos of a man, woman and children on the iCloud account that is synced to her phone.

I said, oh my god, that s 100 percent him, said Horton.

Horton was livid, but her first thought wasn t to call police. Instead, she was determined to expose the man on social media by posting many of the photos.

Their kids are in here, their family, having fun with my phone, she said. I was just mad. I immediately got on Facebook asking everyone for help.

She also texted the phone and demanded to have it back. Horton waited for days, hoping to get a reply.

She hasn t heard anything back and has now filed a report with Houston Police.

I have photos of you, your wife and your kids and everyone! Please turn my phone in, pleaded Horton.

This wouldn t be the first time that Apple software has helped in a Houston theft investigation.

Back in February, Chau Nguyen Todd s cell phone was stolen while she was shopping with her kids at The Galleria.

That night, photographs of two teenage girls started popping up on her iPad through her iCloud account. A high school administrator recognized the pair on the news and turned the girls in to police.

Horton said she gave the suspect who stole her phone a chance to come forward. Now she wants him to get a lesson in the law.

Horton said she has learned her lesson to always put a lock on her phone in the future.

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