AUSTIN, Texas -- Two Austin police officers are on administrative leave after shooting a man who they say pointed a gun at them.

It happened around 9:30 Sunday night just off the University of Texas campus in the 2900 block of Cole Street near East 30th St. and Red River.

A 911 caller said his friend was in trouble at the La Casita apartment complex. Officers arrived and found the suspect in an apartment. They say he then pointed a hand gun equipped with a laser at them through a window. Then he backed out of sight of the officers, and police heard gunshots.
When he returned and again pointed the laser at officers on the ground, officers fired.

Asst. Chief of Police Raul Munguia described what happened next. The subject went back deeper into the apartment once again, and within a few minutes the subject started saying he was bleeding and he needed help, said Munguia. At that point he came to the front door with his hands up and gave up. Officers took him into custody and got him down to the ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Police say the suspect is a man in his 30s.

Both officers involved are on administrative leave until the investigation is over. They have not been identified, though KVUE News is told one has been with the Austin Police Department for three and a half years, and the other officer has been with APD for two years.

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