WINNIE, Texas -- A man and his two grandsons were arrested last month after they were accused of beating a 44-year-old woman and keeping her against her will, deputies said.

The alleged crime happened from September 2011 to May 2012.

Rusty Sherrill, 57, James Logan Ruff, 23, and Max Lee Ruff, 21, were arrested on Oct. 17-18 and are charged with aggravated assault (serious bodily injury), according to the Chambers County Sheriff s Office.

Neighbor Derril Nipp said all three men lived together in a mobile home. Sherrill raised the two boys and was very strict.

He would shout at em and he'd holler at em, said Nipp. They'd jump through their skin for him.

Julia Nipp said things seemed normal at the house until after Sherrill's wife passed away.

When his wife passed away, we don't know what happened to him, she said.

CCSO investigators first became aware of this case in August. A brief inquiry conducted by the Criminal Investigations Division found that a preliminary investigation had been conducted by an investigator, who was no longer with the Sheriff s Office. The new inquiry found no documented record of the investigation.

It was not until May 2012, when the victim s mother intervened and had her daughter taken to an area hospital, investigators said. At that time, the victim was in critical condition and entered a comatose state for four weeks.

She has since recovered from the ordeal.

CCSO investigators should be contacted with any additional information concerning this or other incidents of this type involving these suspects.

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