BROOKSHIRE, Texas -- Parents were left feeling helpless in the Briar Brook sub division. Water was standing so high, kids couldn t walk in it. The Brookshire Volunteer Firefighters picked up kids from the nearby elementary school and dropped them home.

Alex Camueil, 8, said he made it home with the fire truck.

Parents said they didn t want their children to miss school.

They had their Halloween party today and I didn't want him to miss that, said Araceli Mull, a parent. I wasn't sure how I was going to get him home. I was going to carry him and I'll get wet.

The kids were riding in style. Some parents decided to go through the water for their children.

There is no way half of these kids can walk through, said Bonnie Sanchez, a parent.

Water was waist deep in the Briar Brook sub division. Many were left feeling trapped at home, despite the sun shining.

Terrible, my car is almost underwater, said one neighbor.

Kids were waiting and watching the water go down so they could hit the streets in their Halloween costumes.

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