SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash.-- Spokane County leaders have released the maps showing where you can produce and sell marijuana with the proper licenses.

Much of the County will be a possible spot for producing marijuana. The limited number of retail licenses to sell pot and zoning restrictions will rule out most of the County for selling marijuana though.

Two of the maps released show the difference in where you can produce and where you can sell marijuana in a retail store. The orange space on the left of the maps is a possible production site. The few orange spots on the right of the maps are where you can sell it to the public.

Production can be done anywhere, you're not having foot traffic so you can produce and pack it and ship it, said medical marijuana seller Sean Green.

A close look at the center of the production map shows that while much of the county is a possible spot it is mostly rural areas.

Restrictions on locations near schools, parks, libraries and transit centers rule out much of the heavily-populated parts of the county.

They're not an official map but they do show the potential location for these facilities, said Spokane County leader John Pederson.

Retail locations are limited and the county will only get seven licenses. Two of the largest possible areas are south of Airway Heights and up north by the Division Y.

Those who make the drug now for medical use said anyone looking to sell it for recreational use will have enough options.

There are plenty of prime locations available assuming the landlords are willing and the spaces are vacant, said Green.

Marijuana growers and sellers can start applying for licenses in Washington State on November 18.

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