HOUSTON -- When you think pit bull, for many people a dog fight is the image that first comes to mind, but in a non-descript warehouse northwest of Houston you ll see the other side of what may be the most misunderstood dog in the world.

Clay Fonveille runs Treat 'em Right Rescue, the only brick and mortar shelter in the area devoted solely to rescuing and rehabilitating abused pit bulls. It's also devoted to educating the public about a much maligned breed.

The perception is these are all fighting dogs, but the reality could be nothing further from the truth, Fonveille said. These are some of the best dogs you could possibly have. They are loyal to a fault and will do anything and everything that you ask of them.

Each dog here is evaluated for temperament, undergoes obedience training...and before being adopted, must pass the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen Test.

Jill Sisler adopted a pit bull named Huck from Treat 'em Right in January and says he gets along well with her other, smaller pets

They're fine dogs, Sisler said. It's really about the way they're taken care of and the environment they're given so they're successful.

The fact of the matter is millions of people own pit bulls, and they're very fine, but you might get one that's going to be a problem, said Dr. Alice Frei, of Southside Place Animal Hospital. it's not a problem with the dog. People can make any dog aggressive, but in general, dogs want to please people.

Fonveille says all you have to do is treat em right.

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