You can now watch KHOU 11 on your mobile device without the need for a data plan or Wi-Fi connection.

Dyle live mobile TV is a service you can receive on both Android and Apple devices using an add-on gadget.

What is Dyle TV?
It s a special mobile broadcast signal which allows you to watch television from all of the participating networks. Because it s all received by antenna, you don t have to worry about it using up your phone s data plan, no matter how much TV you watch.

Which Houston broadcast channels can you watch?
The Dyle mobile TV service allows you to watch several local broadcast channels including CBS, FOX, NBC, and Telemundo. You may also receive other networks that are not affiliated with Dyle mobile TV by performing a full scan of channels that are available over the air. (Note: Dyle mobile TV is not available in all cities, nor are all TV stations broadcasting in a format that can be received by your mobile device.)

What are the requirements for you to use Dyle TV?
You must be using a mobile device compatible with the Dyle service as well as the Dyle mobile TV application. When purchasing a smartphone, if you see the Dyle brand logo on the box, you're good to go. There s no monthly cost involved with the Dyle service.

What if my device doesn t have Dyle built-in?
Several accessories are available for purchase so your tablet or smartphone can receive the free mobile TVsignal. On devices like the iPad and iPhone, you can use Elgato EyeTV Mobile. Also, Audiovox's new MobileTV gizmo allows you to pick up free TV signals and watch them on both Apple and Android mobile devices. Unlike the EyeTVdevice, Audiovox's new accessory doesn't have to be attached to the mobile device physically. It can be set up within 25 feet of your tablet or smartphone.

Can I use Dyle without access to the Internet?
Once you have the free app downloaded to your device (Internet may be required), you do not need the Internet to watch TV. Dyle mobile TV is a new technology that uses airwaves specially reserved for mobile TV. This means you can use the Dyle TV app to watch local and national content without a data connection, including local news and entertainment. There are no monthly service charges to use the app or receive the TV signals to your device.

Can I use it outside of the United States?
Dyle mobile TV is a U.S.-based broadcast service and can be used in the U.S. only.

I'm having trouble receiving KHOU 11 on my Dyle device. Any tips?
Just as with home over-the-air (antenna) television service, you must have a good signal to view Dyle mobile TV without disruption. You'll have better luck keeping the device and/or antenna as high as possible and unobstructed by surrounding objects. Usually you can get a clear signal just by moving the antenna around a little.

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** Disclosure: Belo Corp., the parent company of KHOU 11, owns an interest in the Dyle mobile TV service.

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