CHANNELVIEW, Texas -- Most people do a double take when they see Temple Houston because he really favors his great grandfather.

My great grandfather is General Sam Houston, said Houston from his living room in Channelview.

At the age of 75, Houston has lived his whole life answering questions about Texas history and his choice to keep growing the family's signature mutton chops.

I have a friend that gets my haircut to make sure these stay long, he told us with a chuckle.

He never married or had any children and is now retired after more than 30 years of working at the post office.

He does sometimes tell stories about his legendary great granddaddy, one of the founding fathers of Texas. He smiles when he talks about the Battle of San Jacinto that won independence for Texas.

Houston travels with no fanfare but people always seem to pick him out of a crowd.

Look at him you can't see, said Randy Pruett of Jacinto City after Houston drove off in his old pickup. You go stand him up next to the statue up there in Huntsville and he looks the same.

Houston does have his struggles though. He lives on a very tight budget and recently had to move out of a place he was renting because it was falling apart.

It took some kind-hearted people in the city named after his great grandfather to pull together and find him another home.

Temple, a walking piece of history, now has a new place to continue sharing his stories about this great state.

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