HOUSTON It was a rough night at the R & F Food Store in southeast Houston after determined thieves had made a huge mess, which was all caught on camera.

The thieves targeted the convenience stores ATM and littered the parking lot with $20 bills early Friday morning.

The suspects first try came at 2:30 a.m., when they leveraged all they could with a crow bar. A neighbor called 911, and the thieves left minutes before police showed up.

Two hours later, they were back with a pickup. It took five tries, before the pair rammed down the metal shutters and got in. Then they struggled with the ATM.

Turns out the truck the thieves used as a ramrod was stolen and dropped just a couple of streets down the road.

Police found the damaged pickup. Locals said thieves are targeting everything, everywhere now.

It s a detox center from women ...about a year ago, someone stole the coke machine right off the property yeah, one neighborhood resident said.

Regulars are divided on whether the thieves are also customers at this family-owned store.

If you don t have enough money they give you credit, one customer said of the store owners.

Lot of people around here don t have vehicles so its convenience to them so I don t think it s somebody in this neighborhood who did it, another neighborhood resident said.

I know it has to be somebody who comes here. It has to be, they knew the set up they knew everything, so there you have it, another resident said.

What police do know is the crooks had to leave behind the ATM and an out of order sign.

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