HOUSTON -- Heather Weaver is a disabled Air Force Veteran who is using the GI Bill to go to college. She is a single mom whose only income comes from the Veteran's Administration through her retirement and disability checks.

She said there is one problem, come Nov. 1.

If they are still shut down they are saying that the money is not going to be there, Weaver said.

This leaves her living on the money in her pocket.

If that is not bad enough, yesterday she packed up her 4 and 5-year-old boys and got ready to head out to school.

I went outside to find that my tire was flat, Weaver said.

She tried to drive just a little and it would get worse.

The tire actually came off the rim, Weaver said. Would not go anywhere.

Heather did not come to Discount Tire on Westheimer by choice, but she believes that things happen for a reason.

The reason she came here is because her apartment is across the street. Now she will never go anywhere else.

We treat people the way we want to be treated. We do sell tires but we are a people business. We are here to help people, said Discount Tire Manager Casey Sullivan.

He heard Heather and her boys story from one of his employees.

Everyday on the way to work I hear government shutdown this government shutdown that. I never realized that it affected everybody. Not just people that work in big offices, Sullivan said.

Sullivan made an instant decision and his crew got to work.

Heather got her tire fixed and then she read the receipt and the comments section. It stated:

Customer is retired disabled air force and is getting no income due to the government shutdown. Keeping her and her family safe. Thank you for your service.

I have the receipt and I have the tires and I still can't believe it. It brings tears to your eyes, Weaver said.

They fixed all her tires for free.

I just felt compelled to help her. We are empowered to do things for the people that help us, Sullivan said. That is what the company is about.

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