HOUSTON The Grand Prix is back in Houston at Reliant Park this weekend.

When you come to Reliant Park you will be able to see five different levels of racing at the Shell Penzoil Grand Prix of Houston.

Indy drivers have competed all across America since March. The Houston race is the next to the last Grand Prix of the season, so this year s champion could be decided at Houston s Grand Prix.

The Indy drivers have to do 153 miles that s 90 times around the track.

Street courses typically are a little bit tougher than your normal ones. There s concrete barriers instead of being able to run off into a sand trap or something like that, said Brandon Wolff, a mechanic with Cadillac Racing.

Before anybody takes off, crews of mechanics get the cars racing ready.

The Cadillac team from Detroit was sweating buckets Friday, not from stress, but from Houston s humidity. It s even worse for the drivers inside the cars.

It can get really hot in there, around 120 to 130, so it s pretty hot to be in there, said Mike West, a crew chief with Cadillac Racing.

There will be not one, but two Grand Prix races this weekend. One on Saturday afternoon and one on Sunday afternoon, so you have two chances to come out and hear and see the action.

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