HOUSTON A man accused of stabbing another student while attempting to kidnap his niece at a bus stop has been charged with assault on a family member.

The attack occurred at a bus stop located on the corner of Bentworth Drive at Waldemar Drive around 6:45 a.m. Thursday, according to the Houston Police Department.

Witnesses told KHOU 11 News about 40 kids were waiting to go to Westside High School and a nearby elementary school when Cecil McClenan, wearing a Halloween mask, showed up and tried to grab his niece by her waist.

He tried to slam her on her head, but he slammed her on her back, said Anthony Dent, a witness. And he picked her up by her hair and tried to drag her across the street.

The school bus pulled up about that time and the driver began honking the horn.

A freshman boy, who is new to the school, then intervened and fought off McClenan.

Everybody was screaming, He has a knife and then everybody just separated and started running into the apartments, said Amari King, a Westside freshman.

According to witnesses, the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the boy who stepped in to try and help.

Everybody was running, and so he protected the girl, so the guy turned back and stabbed him in his arm, said the boy s father. I thank him for protecting the young lady who was about to be taken.

According to the dad, the wounded student was treated at a hospital for a minor stab wound and released. No other students were injured.

Definitely a brave young man who did this. He really put himself in harm s way and, we think, might have saved his classmate from who knows what, said HISD spokesperson Jason Spencer.

The victim told police the masked man was her uncle.

He fled the scene, but later turned himself in to HISD police. It s not clear why he allegedly attacked the girl.

McClenan was being held with no bond.

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