BAYTOWN, Texas A 21-year-old allegedly broke into a Baytown police substation and trashed it over the weekend.

According to police, Jesus Lopez had an explanation for his actions which caused $40,000 worth of damage.

The building needed God. So he began praying, and when he came to, he was already inside with all of the damage, said Baytown Police Chief D.W. Alford.

It looked like a storm rolled through the substation.

According to police, Lopez somehow climbed up the awning on Friday night at the back of the building then broke through a second floor window. From there, he went downstairs. On the ground floor, he discovered he was trapped; because the door to the stairwell automatically locks and the doors outside can only be opened with a key.

Investigators believe Lopez was desperate for another way out which made him look up to the ceiling.

He made it in here and tried to get back up to where he could escape, Alford said.

A water pipe broke.

Police said the water was still flowing and that Lopez was naked when an officer showed up for work on Saturday morning -- eleven hours later.

Since it did not appear he intended to cause all the damage, Lopez faces a misdemeanor charge for criminal trespass.

The officer who arrested him said he did not give any trouble.

Police said toxicology testing did not reveal he had anything in his system. However, he will be undergoing psychiatric evaluations to try to determine what went wrong.

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