CROSBY, Texas Tire tracks in a ditch are the only reminder of a violent act that robbed a family of a provider. It happened not even a block from his mother s home.

About 2:30, that s when it all came down, said Verna Green. They told me my son, Junior had died out on the street there on the corner.

Earl Green Jr. was 47 years old. Neighbors said the father of four and grandfather of two had just returned from a fishing trip when someone opened fire on his Jeep.

The family members tried to help him. They did CPR, but it was too late, said neighbor John Mathis.

It hurts. It hurts. I just doesn t seem like it s for real. I know it happened. My son is gone, said Verna Green.

He would give you the shirt off his back if you asked for it, said Mathis.

Investigators from the Harris County Sheriff s Office tested people s hands at the scene for gunpowder residue and took others in for questioning, but so far they haven t named any suspects.

He had had a fight here a couple of months ago, said his mother.

Sometimes when a person loses a fight, they don t want to give in. They don t want to say I lost that one and let it be.

Now her life and so many others will never be the same.

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