HARRIS COUNTY -- A Houston woman claims she was booted from a local bar because she s a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan.

Gail White claims she was shunned from Coaches Sports Bar and Grill at 290 and Jones.

White walked in the bar dressed from head to toe in Cowboys gear. According to White, attention immediately came her way.

As soon as we sat down, there were a couple of other gentlemen that started on us about our Cowboys gear and our team, kind of the normal stuff, White said.

White said she welcomes friendly rivalry and claims she didn t mind the attention.

She claims she did mind when a bartender joined in.

White claims it escalated when she complained about the way her Bloody Mary was made.

As I got my purse to leave, she threw something on the counter and said damn Dallas Cowboys fans, White said.

White asked to speak with the general manager. She said the situation only got more heated.

She blew up at me. What the hell is your attitude problem? What the hell is wrong with you? What s going on here? Damn Dallas fans, White said.

White s friend believes they would ve been treated differently had they not been Cowboys fans. She claims they have frequented this bar before without Cowboys gear and never had a problem.

I talk to my brother. He s a Texans fan. I say, oh they aren t going to win, but I don t ever get ugly with anybody, said Diana Acosta.

The bar is telling a much different story.

General manager Kari Morgan declined to go on camera. She released a written statement to KHOU that said in part:

The events that transpired in our establishment today had absolutely nothing to do with being a Cowboys fan or any other fan. The accusations made today by these women are absolutely inaccurate and in fact are total and complete fabrications of the events that occurred today. It would appear that this individual came to Coaches on a mission to start trouble. She was asked to leave because she was behaving inappropriately and being verbally abusive toward staff, other patrons, and management. In fact, we have several witnesses to her behavior this afternoon.

Coaches Sports Bar and Grill advertised on its Facebook page Thursday afternoon: Tonight only, anyone who comes in wearing Cowboys gear will receive their first beer for FREE!! We'll see you soon!

The bar s owner tells KHOU she has video that shows workers did nothing wrong. She doesn t want to publicly share it because she claims it would further embarrass White.

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