ALLEN -- It's a phone call that has garnered national attention. And absolutely way more attention than an accused first-grade teacher would like.

If there wasn t this phone call, then no one would know Ellen Bevers versus anybody else, said attorney Todd Shapiro. Did you know Class B thefts happen on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst put in a call - which was recorded - to Allen police asking for a way to get his relative out on bond.

Ellen Bevers of Allen is accused of shoplifting $57 worth of merchandise from a Kroger in early August. Her attorney said she was multitasking and simply forgot to charge her full cart during self-checkout.

Listen to RAW AUDIO of call

But Shapiro is upset with Allen police for releasing the call two weeks after her arrest. He said the leak was an attempt to embarrass her high-profile relative, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst. He's also upset with Kroger because his client attempted to pay for the items after employees stopped Bevers.

The lieutenant governor dropped his name and position multiple times during the call with an Allen police sergeant and even asked for phone numbers to the county judge and sheriff, all while stressing that police were to follow procedure and protocol.

I d like to find out what I need to do to get her out of jail, post bond, whatever, Dewhurst said in the call. She s the sweetest woman in the world.

Shapiro said he doesn't believe it will hurt Bevers' case.

No, it won t have any impact on it, he said. It shouldn t have any impact on it.

Allen police say the case has been turned over to the Collin County District Attorney s office.

Shapiro said he s confident the D.A. s office will treat his client like anyone else in the system, but said all this unwanted publicity has taken an emotional toll on a teacher, set to start school on Monday.

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