HOUSTON - We hear every day about athletes being arrested for assault or not telling the truth when it comes to taking performance enhancing drugs.

Failure to pay child support or DUI, the list goes on and on. I actually want to thank athletes like J.J. Watt, the guys with the Dynamo for stepping up and being role models.

This isn't a hard hitting negative commentary about something that's wrong. It's about something that's right and that's having someone kids can believe in.

The last 20 years, there have been fewer heroes, but in the past two and half years, J.J. has brightened up a lot of lives, kids and adults.

People like him, Craig Biggio with the Sunshine Kids, Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub all the others that do good work behind the scenes, Thanks, for tipping the scales back towards the good guys.

We need more like them.

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