CYPRESS Thousands of bees have been busy building a huge hive in a Cypress woman s front yard.

One beekeeper told Cheryl Best that 100,000 bees are living in the hive.

Best and her husband had no idea they were in the tree until a neighbor alerted her.

My neighbor was walking down the street and noticed it and flagged me down, Best said.

I saw what I thought was a bird s nest, said neighbor Maura Griffin. I ran soon as I got underneath it. It was spooky, freaky.

Best hopes to get rid of the hive soon.

You see stories on TV all the time about people getting hurt and stung by swarms of bees and so I didn t want to be part of that, Best said. I have a 13 year old. I have a little puppy. There s lots of kids in the neighborhood. It s just a little scary.

But her son thinks the whole situation is sweet.

It s so cool, said Jacob Best.  I want honey. The honey s really cool. We could probably sell it too.

The family will have the entire hive removed and relocated. They don t want the bees to be destroyed.

The bees will be tested to see if they are the aggressive and sometimes deadly Africanized variety.

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