CLEAR LAKE, Texas -- Friends and roommates have been posting flyers around Clear Lake of a stolen dog named Calypso.

The Blackmouth Cur was swiped along with a guitar and amplifier during a burglary at the University Trace Condominiums in the 1900 block of Bay Area Boulevard.

You can replace a guitar and you can replace an amplifier, Drew Richardson added, but you can't replace a dog.

Richardson's roommate Unity Minshew owns the 4-month-old puppy.

I was just really angry, a whole bunch of emotions going through my head you know, Minshew said. This was very personal. Who comes into a house and takes a puppy.

The burglary happened on Tuesday and the roommates are sure that the crooks burst through the French doors.

Minshew said she's had a tough couple of days.

I definitely shed a couple of tears for her, Minshew said.

The roommates have filed a police report with HPD and hope the flyers will bring Calypso home.

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