SAN ANTONIO -- Alexandra Valverde is outraged that children can access virtually anything on the computers at San Antonio's public libraries, even graphic material.

I do not want my tax dollars paying for anyone looking at anything controversial such as pornography, Valverde said. I have a teenager and I do not want her exposed to that while she's at the library.

Newly elected San Antonio councilman Ron Nirenberg wants to change the open-access. He's asked the city library system to comply with the 2000 Children's Internet Protection Act and install filters on all of its computers.

Nirenberg said on top of it being good for children, there would be an economic benefit from increased federal funding.

Once we're compliant, we'll receive full e-rate funding which allows us to connect the San Antonio Broadband System with the library network, and we wouldn't have to pay for that, the councilman explained.

If I was to go, I wouldn't want to be exposed to that, concluded Valverde.

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