NORTHEAST HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- A 15-year-old old girl is recovering from more than 100 puncture wounds on one leg and slashes on the other after a vicious dog attack in her own backyard.

Deputies said her own two pit bull puppies turned on her in an instant.

It happened around 1:30 p.m. in the 12000 block of N. San Circle Drive. According to investigators, the teenager was giving the puppies food and water when they lunged at her.

The two 8-month-old dogs had the girl pinned on the ground and were reportedly biting her repeatedly.

Family members were able to pry the aggressive pets off of Kasandra Benavides before things got worse.

She was screaming, I m going to die, said neighbor Lucero Almazan.

Benavides was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital where doctors stitched her up. Doctors expect it ll be a while before she can walk again.

She s got a lot of pain, explained father Juan Ruiz. I don t want these dogs back to my house.

The girl s father Juan Ruiz said his daughter helped raise the puppies since they were four weeks old. He claims the dogs have never displayed any signs of aggression.

A neighbor, who wants to remain anonymous, has a different take on things.

Those two dogs killed the neighbor s dog, said the neighbor.

The neighbor claims these same two pit bulls recently killed a shih tzu in their mobile home community.

We were all startled, and I was concerned for the safety our children, she said.

The two pit bulls are now in quarantine at Harris County Animal Control.

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