HARRIS COUNTY Neighbors in the Summerwood area are surprised to learn that a woman accused of stealing from porches in Kingwood is their neighbor.

There s a warrant out for 48-year-old Linda Tatosian on a theft charge.

She was identified after viewers recognized the woman and her car in the surveillance video from Kings Lake Estates.

I was like what wait a minute, I recognize that yellow Mustang, said neighbor Adrian Green.

Last month, Jason Jodway s surveillance camera was rolling when the crime happened at his house in a gated subdivision.

She drove on my grass, said Jodway. She walks to the front porch and starts opening our boxes.

The video shows the woman ripping open packages and trying on a pair of shoes. She then attempts to open the front door before driving away.

Minutes later, she was recorded near the front door of a neighbor s house where she appeared to relieve herself.

Tatosian hasn t been arrested yet, and her husband would not tell KHOU 11 News where she is.

The theft charge is a misdemeanor for $250 worth of beauty products delivered to doorsteps.

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