SANANTONIO -- It took a Bexar County jury less than an hour Thursday to convict a former Judson ISD kindergarten teacher of official oppression.

Cynthia Ambrose, 44, faces up to a year in prison and must surrender her Texas teaching certificate.

Prosecutors said she used her authority as a kindergarten teacher to force several students to hit a six-year-old classmate.

The incident happened in May 2012 at Salinas Elementary School.

Ambrose left the district, but publicly denied any wrongdoing, instead saying her students hit their classmate on their own.

A fellow teacher turned Ambrose into administrators about two weeks after the incident took place.

Thursday, several staff members testified Ambrose vowed to get revenge on the teacher during an open conversation inside the school's break room.

She was pissed. She said 'The Mexican was going to come out and that payback was a b&*^$, said Salinas Elementary teacher Christine Wunstel.

The school's librarian testified the comments came shortly after Ambrose met with administrators.

Ambrose's lawyer countered his client was mourning the loss of a friend who was murdered, and was referring to whoever committed that crime.

Bexar County prosecutors have called the case the first-of-its-kind here.

Ambrose will be sentenced July 29.

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