HOUSTON Hours after emergency crews raced through a southeast Houston parking lot cordoned off by crime scene tape, residents at an apartment complex nearby shared their concerns about a deadly shooting that happened too close to their homes.

I m just scared , said Bertha Gonzales while standing next to her 14-year-old son. A lot of times, kids are the ones who are getting hurt .

Sunday morning, authorities said an adult male was shot and killed at an after-hours club called The Zone. Authorities said the deadly gunfire which broke out around 6 in the morning also sent one person to the hospital with serious wounds.

I feel sorry for the people that this happened to, said Jessie Perez. It s sad. Nobody can really just have a good time anymore without someone trying to act a fool.

The violence erupted just a day after another shooting at an after-hours club that left three people hurt and a man dead.

Last weekend, the parking lot of an after- hours sports bar called Cubes played host to a shootout that also claimed a life. Officials from Harris County, citing numerous nuisance complaints, have moved to shut the place down.

People who live near The Zone think it might be time to close down another one.

I m concerned about it, said Perez. It makes me wonder why I moved into these apartments.

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