HOUSTON A man is accused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend Friday in front of a west Harris County Popeyes restaurant where she works as a manager.

It happened at about 10 a.m. as the 20-year-old woman arrived in the 15000 block of F.M. 529.

I saw her ex-boyfriend pull her by her hair and hitting her, trying to drag her out to the truck. I had to go out there and stop him from hitting her. Especially when she is at work, he s not supposed to be here, said Tre Gunier, another Popeyes employee.

The woman is about five months pregnant.

There was some sort of argument and there was a car parked over here, said Cameron Kirkpatrick, a customer.

It s unclear what the two were arguing about. But the mother-to-be tried to break free and she could barely breathe.

She was gasping, throwing up.He was hitting her, yeah, in the stomach and everything.He went for the weapon and I yelled for her to get inside, said Gunier.

Witnesses said he tried to attack her with a boat anchor.

He tried to throw the hook at me, it missed and went inside, said Gunier.

When the suspect threw the boat anchor, it hit the front door of Popeyes, shattering the door. The fighting didn t end there.

Anytime he punched I blocked, I moved his hand away from anything vital, said Gunier.

Gunier, a black belt in martial arts, got the attacker on the ground, leaving him scared and shaken. The suspect finally drove off, but was taken into custody about two hours later at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital. The suspect was trying to check on the victim.

I hope he s in jail for a long long time, especially hitting a woman, especially when she is pregnant, that pregnant, said Gunier.

Gunier was being hailed a hero by his co-workers for stepping in.

The mother and baby are expected to be OK.

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