HOUSTON -- For many Southern Baptists attending their national convention this week in Houston, the choice is simple: either accept the Boy Scouts new policy on gay members, or accept the Bible.

It s not something you do as a maybe, so or whatever, said Sibley Cooley, who grew up in the scouts. You either believe it, or you don t, and that s not something that s going to change.

Many Southern Baptists, including Joe Compton, believe it is still possible to love someone without condoning their behavior.

We don t judge or condemn, but we try to share the Gospel with them and share the word, he said. The rest is up to them and their conviction.

For years, faith-based organizations have chartered the majority of Boy Scouts chapters. Today Southern Baptists charter roughly 4,000 alone.

But soon some churches could part ways with them, under the urging of their leadership.

On Wednesday an official resolution is expected that will condemn the scout s decision to allow openly gay youth.

When it comes to the Boy Scouts, they made a decision that they believed to be some sort of a compromise that has really pleased no one, said Russell Moore, President of the Southern Baptists Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

He does not expect any surprises when the resolution is released.

I don t think there s very much disagreement, he said.

Other denominations have already endorsed the scouts change and leaders have said it does not conflict with their teaching.

There were no protesters seen from outside the George R. Brown Convention Center Tuesday.

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