HOUSTON More than 250 children and their dads had fun working on their football skills on Saturday as part of the Houston Texans First Down Dads Field Day.

It s a week out before Father s Day. Next weekend s Father s Day, so it s a good time to see all the dads and their sons and even daughters out here, Larry Medina, a father, said.

Heath Sechrist brought both of his sons to the field day -- 9-year-old Caden and 7-year-old Logan.

This is the third time we ve come out here. They love football and getting to come out here and run around Andre (Johnson), Arian (Foster) and J.J. Watt play. They really get excited about it, Sechrist said as he stood by his boys. I love hanging out with my boys. Any chance I get to be involved in their lives and sports is a big part of their lives. I coach them or play in the backyard with them all the time. I just love hanging out with them.

Caden said he enjoys spending time with his dad.

I get to spend time with him and he s awesome, the 9-year-old said. I just love spending time with him.

Texans special teams coach Joe Marciano is the driving force behind the camp. He had current and former Texans players on hand to serve as coaches

Marciano had a message for those dads who attended.

Dad s are the quarterbacks of the household. They re the leader. They re the role model. So much of the time you hear about the athletes being the role model, but I think the dad is the role model, Marciano said. One day when you leave this earth, God s going to say, What kind of father were you? That was the message today.

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