HOUSTON -- A local woman s routine trip to the grocery store, turned into anything but that.

On Saturday, Brittany who asked not to use her last name was at the Fiesta on FM 1960 and 249 in northwest Houston picking up barbecue items. She was reaching for salad dressing when a cellphone bumped into her leg.

It hit my leg like this coming back and when I felt it I looked and I saw the screen, she said.

That s when she realized someone was taking a picture up her skirt.

It s this man with these glasses looking like a deer in a headlight and he s just caught red handed, she said.

The woman, who majored in criminology, was not going to back down.

I was yelling Pervert! Get him! Security! I started chasing him through the store, she said.

With the help of customers and store security, she cornered 34-year-old Rigoberto German-Ramirez in the canned goods aisle. Still furious, Brittany started grabbing tuna cans.

I m going to hit him as hard as I can with as many cans of tuna as possible, she explained.

German-Ramirez was cuffed without incident and now faces a felony charge of improper photography and a $50,000 bond.

Other shoppers were relieved to know the suspect was in custody.

It s really disturbing for someone to do that, she said. I normally wear pants, so it s a little safer.

Brittany, a mother of two, definitely feels safer as well. She is less worried about what the suspect did do, than what he might have done.

Who knows if we was to follow me home, stalk me, rape me, kill me, or done that to somebody else s child, snatched them and took them. Then there d be an Amber Alert, she said. A lot of freaky deakies out here.

Fiesta store security cameras reportedly captured the whole incident, showing the suspect following Brittany through the store before snapping the cell phone picture.

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