SANANTONIO --Police have confirmed that a 29-year-old woman's body was found in flood waters on the city's north side.

The body was found behind a store on Nakoma Avenue.

A car had been found abandoned in the 400 block of West Rhapsody. It had been swept underneath a bridge into a culvert.

Friends of the woman said they were driving behind her when her call stalled and then got stuck in the rising water beneath the bridge.

The woman tried to get out of the car when she got caught in the current, according to police.

The body was found two blocks away near the 200 block of west Nacoma.

Our officers and firefighters are doing a great job of monitoring the various closures and keeping the public safe, SAPD Chief William McManus said. I've been kept abreast of literally hundreds of high water rescues and at least one tragic death due to swift water.

At least four other water rescues were made in the same area. Water rescues there were successful, and no one was injured.

The best thing people can do is to limit travel only to that which is absolutely necessary and to stay tuned for updates, McManus said.

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