HOUSTON Computer chip maker Intel says it has the next big thing in personal computing, and it s hoping it will bring buyers back to the PC market.

In just a few weeks, new laptops,Ultrabooks, and desktop computers will hit the market with Intel s code-named Haswell processor.

Intel says beyond better graphics and super fast speeds, Haswell is a big energy saver. In fact, Intel said this week laptops with Haswell processors will get 50-percent more battery life when in use. You ll get 20 times the battery life in standby mode, says Intel.

But it s not just a Windows thing. There are rumors upcoming MacBooks will run Haswell processors, too.

Even if you don t want the latest and the greatest, Haswell s release will likely cause a drop in prices for today s computers. So if you can, wait a few weeks, and save a few bucks.

Computer buying has been down in the last few years as more people turn to smartphones and tablets for daily use. Another reason for the downturn: people just don t need to upgrade like they used to. The days of needing a computer upgrade every two or three years are long gone.

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