HOUSTON A Brazos County Health Department official who investigated the E.coli outbreak that sickened two young boys, and at least three others, is apologizing.

Dr. Eric Wilke took a bite out of a taco from the restaurant that was blamed for the sickness before he announced what caused the outbreak.

Wilke jokingly ate the Coco Loco taco, the College Station restaurant whose beef sickened five people, and then invited others to join him for lunch there.

That didn t sit well with the Melton family, whose two young sons spent almost a month in the hospital fighting off the infection.

I would just like to say that I m sorry if anything I said, or did, yesterday gave the impression to some people that I did not appreciate the gravity of what was going on, he said. It was simply an attempt to quell some of the public s concerns about food safety.

Wilke also said he apologized personally to Greg Melton, the children s father, and said that Melton was very gracious about it.

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