GEORGETOWN, Texas -- Nearly 200 tires worth $100,000 were stolen off 48vehicles at a Georgetown dealership over the weekend.

Georgetown police have inquired with other Central Texas police departments whether a theft of this size has happened at dealerships before. The suspect or suspects got awayin a vehicle large enough to carry nearly 200 tires.

Thieves are known to be able to remove a tire in about 30 seconds. However, the task of taking all four tires off 48 vehicles seems more tedious. That's what happened at the Mac Haik Ford-Lincoln dealership in Georgetown. Thieves left 48 vehicles on 4-by-4 blocks of wood over the weekend.

We're kinda baffled as to who it could have been. This is pretty uncommon, Georgetown Police Captain Roland Waits said.

Waits said they haven't seen a theft of this type before. He said police do not have any leads at this time.

Police said the well-coordinated effort happened between 9 p.m. on Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday. Most tires were stolen off SUVs.

Even though police don't think this was an inside job, they are still warning people to be aware of any deals on tires that are too good to be true, especially on websites like Craigslist.

We're asking people to just keep an eye out. We're warning pawn shops and mom and pop operations that if someone wants to come in and trade some tires out, and rims, be cognizant. There are 48 vehicles without tires and rims, Waits said.

Whitestone Tire Center in Georgetown showed KVUE News that it doesn't take long to raise a vehicle and grab the wheels. Owner Mathew Canava says there are locks you can put on your wheels.

That is not going to stop people from taking the tires, it will deter them, or possibly slow the process down. But eventually if they want them, they're going to take them, Canava warned.

There are also tools available to remove the locks. As for the Mac Haik heist, police believe they had a system in place to move this much heavy merchandise.

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