HOUSTON Feeding America, a leading hunger-relief charity, has named the Houston Food Bank facility the biggest in America.

It takes an army of volunteers to help run the Houston Food Bank: 1,000 people a week.

But those volunteers would be useless without donations, and on Monday Houston postal workers delivered 5,588 meals.

They said they do it for one simple reason.

Because we see the hardship, we deliver mail to our patrons day in and day out, and we understand, with the bills and the things going on in their lives, said Senovia Lopez, Jr.

The Houston Food Bank is the largest food bank in the country, but not because the city has the biggest need.

There is a large need across the country -- we are able to just meet more of that need with this larger, more efficient facility, said Amy Ragan, with the Houston Food Bank.

The facility cost $54 million to purchase and renovate.

Simply put, the Houston Food Bank is No. 1 because it delivers more food, thanks to a combination of donations, money, and all the volunteers.

In 2012, The Houston Food bank delivered 76-million pounds of food to people in the Houston area.

Officials estimated about 1-million Houston-area people are in need of a meal each year.

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