COLLEGE STATION -- For the first time since the deadly shooting near the Texas A&M University campus in August 2012, a bystander who shot at the suspect is talking about that horrible day.

For those who were there that fateful day, the memories will never fade. We've heard so many of their stories, from the man who witnessed Tres Caffall kill Brazos County Brian Bachmann and a civilian who was just passing by, to the man who captured the incident on his cell phone.

Now for the very first time, Tim Irvin, who actually opened fire on Caffall with his own weapon during the shootout, is speaking about that day.

Irvin was helping his girlfriend, Barbara Holdsworth, move her daughter out of a rental house just yards away from the shooting. She was following behind him in her car and was shot twice.

I just said, Please, please try to stay awake, and please don't go to sleep. You're too good of a person to die like this. Let's just try to get through this together, said Irvin.

Irvin's adrenaline was running high, but then something happened. He says he was spoken to by a higher power.

Saying, you go do your thing and I'll do mine, and I know not where that voice came from, but I know it was outside of me. So I just grabbed my cell phone, called 911, grabbed my pistol and tried to just keep moving, said Irvin.

He fired five times at the shooter, distracting him long enough for police to finish the job. Holdsworth, who was seriously injured would survive.

Irvin says he didn't come forward sooner because it wasn't about him.

It was about a sick individual that could have taken more lives, said Irvin.

By the grace of God, he says, he helped prevent that from happening.

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