HOUSTON -- Surveillance cameras connected to the Internet helped catch a possible copper thief in the act at a construction site in the MuseumDistrict early Wednesday.

Police were alerted, and the suspect was stopped cold.

It happened around 1:30 a.m. on Caroline Street at Arbor Place, according to the Houston Police Department.

A man was walking on scaffolding on the third floor of the construction site when he was spotted by police. Officers said at first the man threatened to jump, but he was handcuffed before he could move any further.

A fire department ladder truck was called in to bring the suspect down.

For now, the man is only charged with trespassing, but investigators said he had a bag filled with tools, and he was likely planning to steal copper at the worksite.

Some wires were cut inside a nearby electrical box. A manager at the property said copper was recently stolen at the worksite, but some of it was left behind. He said the cameras were set up just in case the suspect returned to steal more.

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