SPRING, Texas The images from Ohio brought both hope and heartache for the Lowitzer family in Spring.

If anyone knows what the families of three women in Cleveland, Ohio are feeling it is John and Jo Ann Lowitzer. Their daughter, Ali, vanished in 2010 at the age of 16.

Time is different now for Jo Ann Lowitzer.

It seems like yesterday and forever all at the same time, she said. Just a constant roller coaster.

That is why seeing the shocking events in Cleveland had such an emotional impact.

Three girls that have been missing 10 years or more is absolutely amazing. I kinda just don t know what to say. There is hope that we will find Ali and bring her home, Jo Ann Lowitzer said.

The last three years have been torture for the Lowitzers. So much so that they actually hope that the doubters are right and their daughter did run away.

You want to believe that she is in Alaska or California or Florida or Downtown Houston, Lowitzer said.

Tips have put Ali in all those places but it might as well be thin air.

No, she has disappeared. She is just gone.

Ali was last seen walking from the school bus to work in the Cypresswood and Treaschwig area on April 26, 2010.

The restaurant where she worked has gone under twice since then.

Her father says she is gone but far from forgotten.

It is hard to imagine three weeks let alone three years, John Lowitzer said. It renews hope for us that that could be our story one day. Hopefully one day soon.

If I were to get that phone call saying that Ali was found, I don t know what I would do, Jo Ann Lowitzer said. I would say, Who is this? Are you playing a joke on me? Because three

years is so long.

The family knows those calls do come.

To see that these girls are OK after ten years and Jaycee Dugard after 18 years, those are the things that we hold on to. Those things do happen, Ali s father said.

Next week would be awesome. Tonight would be awesome, agreed her mom.

Not soon enough.

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