HOUSTON -- It s a trend from Hollywood to Houston: women in their 40s are feeling fabulous and pregnant.

This age group has seen the highest rate of pregnancies in decades, despite drops among other age groups. Birth rates among almost all other age groups are at all-time lows, but for the forty set, it s a real baby boom that s sometimes even unexpected.

Actress Kelly Preston gave birth at 48. Super beauty Halle Berry s having baby number two at age 46.

Local mom Lisa Kelso had her son Luke at age 46.

I think it s not that big of a deal because I ve done it, and I m in it, said Kelso.

He was an unexpected addition to the family.

Lisa already had two older sons.

We were all in shock for probably a good month and probably in denial for a few weeks after that.

But they adjusted, and Lisa carried Luke to term with no complications.

We re having more and more patients in their 40 s, says Dr. Pinky Ronen. 47-year-old delivering. I even had a 54 year-old who was pregnant.

Dr. Ronen explains more women are waiting or doing it all over again in the event of successful careers, second marriages, or the occasional oops.

Compared to someone who is 25, you ll see more incidences of hypertension, diabetes, and other medical problems, but all those are manageable. The outcome is almost always good.

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