CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A teenager says his school has backed down in a fight over a T-shirt.

Jared Marcum, an eight-grader, was suspended and arrested last week after refusing to take off a shirt with the image of a gun and the NRA logo on it.

On Monday, he returned to class wearing the same shirt. He said it s his 1st Amendment right to support the 2nd Amendment.

I never knew I never thought it would go this far, because honestly I don t see a problem with this. There shouldn t be a problem with this, Marcum said.

I don t see how anybody would have an issue with a hunting rifle and NRA put on the front of a T-shirt, especially when policy doesn t forbid it, Allen Laredieri, Marcum s father, said.

The school said it suspended the teen, because he was being disruptive. He s charged with disrupting an educational process and obstruction.

His lawyer said they plan to fight those charges.

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