DALLAS -- Preparations are underway in Dallas for a visit from President Obama.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle will travel to Dallas on Wednesday. They are making several appearances while in Texas.

Obama will first attend a Democratic fundraiser Wednesday evening.

Thursday morning he will join four other living presidents at the dedication ceremony for President George W. Bush's library.

Following the dedication ceremony, the President and First Lady will travel to Waco for a memorial service honoring victims in West.

Security is already increasing ahead of the visit.

You know, there are 13 presidential libraries. In most dedications, all living presidents attend, so there is a template for this, said Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

Police and federal agents will be on hand. Dallas police say nearly every officer will remain on duty to protect both the dignitaries and the rest of the city.

That's the balancing act we have to meet; making sure we continue to keep the city safe along with making sure all the key areas related to the library [are] secure, said Chief Brown.

Immediately following the library dedication, security officials and President Obama will head to Waco for the West memorial service. It starts at 2 p.m. at Baylor University.

Last week President Obama pledged relief aid for the small community. FEMA will be assisting those victims.

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