HARRIS COUNTY, Texas Twelve people were rushed to area hospitals after an attack on the campus of Lone Star College Cy-Fair in northwest Harris County.Two other people were treated for minorwounds at the scene in the 9900 block of Barker Cypress.

Witnesses said a suspect ran down a hallway randomly stabbingstudents in the Health and Science Center.

Male on the loose, stabbing people, was the call the sheriff's department received at 11:12 a.m. Tuesday.

Melody Vinton was leaving her chemistry class when the attacker ran past her. She saw him stabbing people, one after another, always aiming for the neck or face.

I turned around and there was just blood. Just blood dripping down the stairs, all over the floor, all over everyone s towels on their necks, just a lot of blood, Vinton said. There s no humanity in that. Just to see another human being do that was more traumatic than anything.

Vinton and other students in the science building rushed to help the victims until emergency crews arrived.

They had a girl and she still had a blade sticking out of her cheek, said Michael Chalfan, another witness. It was a box cutter to be exact, it was an X-acto knife.

More victims were reportedlystabbed in the technology building.

A male suspect was tackled on the campus and taken into custody.

He has been identified as 20-year-old Dylan Quick.

Students and faculty were actively responding to subdue this individual, said Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. So we're proud of those folks.

Chalfan saidQuick was running toward him when he was taken down.

He had a sinister look on his face, kind of like a smile and a satisfaction grin after doing it, Chalfan said.

A former student said he was in the same holding room with Quick after he was arrested for trespassing. He said he asked Quick what he was doing andthe suspect replied, I was going on a killing spree until my blade broke.

Quick is a student at Lone Star College Cy-Fair.

He has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Each of those counts carry up to $100,000 bond.

Around 9 p.m. Tuesday, Quick left the Harris County Homicide Division where he was interrogated for six hours. Officials said he opened up a little bit.

They gave him a cheeseburger and spent time trying to figure out what happened at Lone Star College and why.

Quick told detectives that he had been planning this for some time and he had fantasies about it dating back to his elementary school days. Officials said there were pieces of a blade found in at least one stabbing victim. So far, the Harris County Sheriff s Office will only describe the weapon as a razor-type knife.

Quick was transported from the homicide division to the Harris County Jail.

Six victims were taken to Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute four by Life Flight helicopters and two by ambulance. Two of them were in critical condition andthree wereingood condition, at last check. One patient was discharged after treatment.

North Cypress Medical Center confirms that they received six patients, but all were treated and released.

Several parents rushed to the campus after hearing about the stabbings.

Basically, I m frantic. I m scared out of my mind, said one mother whose daughter was locked in a classroom. Even though she s 21, she s still my baby. As soon as she gets out, I m going to give her a hug and kiss.

Another mother named Janice was relieved to hear from her son.

They won t allow them out of the classroom and they ve assured them that no one can get into the classroom without a key, she said. They are just sitting and waiting while the police collect the evidence and try to calm everyone else in the classroom.

He was praying and he knew that the Lord was protecting him, said the student s father.

Lone Star officials said the campus was immediately placed on lockdown and students were alerted by text message within minutes after the stabbings began.

Seek shelter now. If away, stay away, the text said.

Loud speaker announcementswere also used to warn everyone inside campus buildings.

Five children were inside a day care in the science building when the stabbings happened.

As the incident occurred, the doors were locked and the lights were turned off. Children were kept calm and were under the protection of the caretakers, according to a statement from YMCA Director of Communications Taryn Baranowski . All the kids are safe and have since been picked up by parents.

Lone Star students and employees were later allowed to leave the campus, which will remain closed for the rest of the day. Vehicles were searched at all of the exits.

The following Cy-Fair ISD schools wereplaced on lockdown as a precaution: Birkes; Holmsley; Rennell; Fiest; Postma; Jowell; Copeland; Aragon; and The Berry Center.

Two people were shot on another Lone Star College campus in January. Both victims survived and one suspect was charged in that incident.

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