HOUSTON -- New scanner sound reveals what first responders were up against during Tuesday s Lone Star College stabbings.

The audio is available online and includes frequencies from north Harris County.

When police arrived around 11:19 a.m. Tuesday, there was a quick call for backup. A lockdown soon went into effect.

Don t let anyone else on the college, an officer said.

Within 15 minutes, a suspect was in custody; however, there was still some confusion, as some officers believed another suspect was still on the loose.

Two of the victims here are saying there s two different guys stabbing people. The suspect who is in custody is one, and officer said. The second male is going to be a white male, blonde hair, probably possibly shoulder length, wearing a white t-shirt.

Other officers heard the same from other students.

It is still unclear who that second male was.

While it took less than 15 minutes for police to find the accused suspect, now identified as Dylan Quick, it took authorities nearly 40 minutes to ultimately locate all of the victims.

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